We have Two Hands One for helping Ourselves & One for Helping Others !
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About Us

Our store isn't about merchandise. It is about bringing beautiful unique affordable products to you.  Whether you live in a big city or a rural area Dream Big Dreams is at your fingertips.

I often wonder what my ministry was in the upcoming days Dream Big Dreams getting ready to open for business. I started a dream more than 6 years ago from a group of children in Sale City, Georgia. The name of the reading program that year was Dream Big. I said why can't I? I do know as time passes so will the merchandise. We are starting with jewelry. I asked God why jewelry? My answer I received today for the precious stones and all the colors are a reflection of him. The hand crafted items are the gifts God has given me and the knowledge to seek how to learn them from the internet. As we blossom We want to include items for sale from other people's gifts. I was given a vision to help others. I donate a percentage to different causes. As we grow so will my causes to help and teach others.

My Name is Tara Gardner I live in a very rural area of Southwest Georgia. Most of my shopping I do online because the larger cities near me are at least a hour drive. I started my business by attending festivals and hosting private jewelry gathering. I want everyone to have the opportunity to purchase from our site any time of day or night. 

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